1. What is the difference between a Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian?
For details to this question check out Dietitians of Canada website by following this link…..http://www.dietitians.ca/Find-A-Dietitian/Difference-Between-Dietitian-and-Nutritionist.aspx
2.  Are Dietitian services covered by OHIP?
Unfortunately, OHIP does not cover Dietitian services.  However, if you have extended health care benefits these services may be reimbursed. Registered Dietitian services are tax deductible.
3.  What are the costs of services?
Typically the first visit is a full assessment and lasts anywhere from 1 hour.  This visit costs $100.  Follow up visits are about 30-45 min and cost $50.  Packages are available for multiple visits (see nutritional invoices).  There are cost savings associated with packages.  Invoices will be provided for submission to your insurance company.
4.  What type of payment do you accept?
Personal cheque or cash is preferred.  Visa or Mastercard is available please ask for more information.
5.  In what areas do you provide nutritional therapy?
We provide nutritional therapy in number of areas.  Here are some of the most popular:
weight management
healthy eating/preventative nutrition
food allergies/intolerances
gastro-intestinal disorders
Nutrition supplementation
child nutrition – “the picky eater”, poor rate
of weight  gain/growth, obesity, constipation etc.
pre/post Cancer treatment/diagnosis/remission
kidney disease
Cardiovascular Health
Sports nutrition
6.  Where do visits occur?
For Rachel White – Adult Nutrition all visits take place at her home office located at Thickson Rd.and Taunton Rd. in Whitby, Ontario
For Shelley Williams – Pediatric Nutrition all visits take place at the Kinderclinic located at 200 Taunton Rd West in Whitby, Ontario
7.  How long before I can get an appointment?  
Currently, the usual wait time is 1- 2 weeks.
8.  How do I make an appointment?

Simply email or call and book your appointment today.

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