How Fast Is Your Metabolism?


As the number of pounds increases as a person ages, many believe a slow or faulty metabolism, may need a tune up to run better.  However, most have only a vague understanding of how metabolism works and how it impacts your weight.

It is true that metabolism can be the cause but it can also be the solution when it comes to achieving and maintaining one’s goal weight.  There is a test that can help individuals get a look at how well their metabolism is functioning which may offer important information when trying to lose weight.

Metabolism is defined as the chemical reactions in the cells of your body that convert food to the energy needed to think, to move and to grow. It is an essential part of every living organism. It is also a  complicated balancing act within  the body between the process of building up body tissues and energy stores (fat) and breaking them down to provide the fuel the body needs to function.

Metabolism may be negatively affected by yo-yo dieting and poor diet habits. When you lose weight and then gain it back, these pounds are not always the same as the pounds lost. It is possible to lose muscle and then regain it back as fat. When this happens, it is usually more difficult to lose those same pounds the next time around.

The Metabolic Indirect Calorimetry test measures a client’s resting energy expenditure and oxygen consumption to determine the body’s metabolism and calorie needs. It is a relatively simple test that can be done in office, you simply breathe into the device while relaxing for about 20 minutes. Room air is inhaled and carbon dioxide is exhaled into the metabolic analyzer and it calculates resting metabolic rate that is the calories you burn while your body is at rest. Your practitioner can then use this information to help you lose weight.

Most people are aware that part of successful weight loss is burning more calories than you eat. This test shows why and how. The benefit of Indirect Calorimetry is that we can use this data to personalize a weight loss program that works. Having the knowledge of what is burned in the body and how much would need to be eaten is key in helping people take off unwanted pounds.  Of course, exercise remains an integral component when it comes to weight loss and metabolism. The metabolic test is but one part of any successful weight loss plan.

At Balanced Nutrition Co. Rachel White, Registered Dietitian can perform an indirect calorimetry test that can help you discover what your metabolic rate is and take that first step towards successful weight loss.

Metabolic Test Fee:  With a package $45.  Without a package $60

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